lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

Un Canadiense Gracias

From the moment of my arrival suffering from a heart attack, I was reassured by the kind and professional attention in your hospital. As I arrived without a companion and unable to speak or understand any Spanish, I must have presented quite a challenge to all. Somehow all the right tests and diagnosis and treatments were accomplished and I received excellent attention. Having to resort to sign language certainly took extra effort from all nursing staff and I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to all who cared for me. A Very special thank you to Dr. David Rodrigo and Dr Alex Crespo. Dr. David Rodrigo realized immediately that for me the inability to communicate in a foreign language and an unfamiliar environment was difficult and he became my lifeline. Visiting daily he explained and organized for my needs, even dealing with my insurance. And most of all, thank you, Dr. David for bringing your family and friends to visit me and to cheer me up. I feel especially fortunate to have had Dr. Crespo for my surgeon. In my own country I might have met the surgeon once for a follow up, Dr. Alex came every day to speak to me in my language, explained the process and gave me confidence and courage. On my return to Canada doctors have commented on the wonderful work he has done for me. The whole experience of my hospital stay in your meticulously clean facility was all I could hope for under the circumstances. Thank You, everyone! 

Heide Wissner (Foro Ciudadano H de Cruces 11/06/2014)

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